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This focused on land use development.  Opportunity Zone!! 9 trillion dollars worth in USA.


Critigen was a startup inside of a large Engineering Firm  Ch2mHill .  This Ch2mHill was acquired two years ago by Jacobs Engineering.


Critigen was a sole source contract for Ch2mHill to address that Engineering Services where becoming Software Companies.  This is well documented with AEC Hackathon


This is where I am attempting to Place Watts Rising Conversation as a Civic Engagement Interface into our physical environment.  Chapter 2 of VCAP is Infrastructure Utility Systems.


Attached is City Board Motion for San Diego looking at Infrastructure management (Chapter 2 VCAP) with SAP the system used by LACCD that e7 plugged into, and System adopted by DOD/USACE (DATA STANDARD LA RIVER, Measure W WaterShed) for workorder Management System.  This SAP system is far away from VCAP an integrated approach; because a Dashboard has nothing to do with Alignment.  It is focused on projected milestones.  VCAP is focused on alignment; what Tyronne said Old System New System.


Please see the scale of investment, attached Board Motion; City of San Diego in the SAP Infrastructure System headed up by Sempra an Investor Owned Utility vs Public Owned Utility like LADWP.


This is the thinking Watts Clean Air and Energy must share with LADWP Commissioner.  This is what is necessary to build the Smart Grid Infrastructure and workforce development model Dr. Carson expects from Jobs+ program he unfolded last week at Nickerson Garden, Watts.


Capital Asset Management is at core of HUD initiative Jordan Downs and Watts Rising.  Link at top of email.


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Critigen (@Critigen) tweeted at 10:06 AM on Tue, Nov 13, 2018:
Counting down to the start of the Project Controls Expo in London
tomorrow.  We will be showcasing our expertise in Ingetrated Project
Controls. Come by our stand to get a brief demo. #projectcontrols
#projectmanagement #ProjConExpo

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The Watts Rising Project Management tool expectation "where is MISSION,
Watts Clean Air and Energy"  old system to new system.  Workforce


Have you used this ESRI partner product before and what does it take to
deploy it?

What resources are available to deploy it and what are you proposing WCAEC
do with this?

Which Industries and Services are you prescribing for the mission of WCAEC?