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You are invited!: 2/27 The Leap LA Coalition #MobilizeLA! Campaign

Hello Members of the Watts Clean Air & Energy Committee....

I wanted to share this recently announced information with you about some of the work that PSR-LA is working on as part of a climate justice coalition we help convene called The Leap LA.  Would be great to have you join us! Please see invitation info below as well as background information at the bottom of this email. 

The Leap LA is inviting Watts Clean Air & Energy Committee to our #MobilizeLA Campaign Launch on February 27th at 3pm to call for a citywide Climate Emergency Mobilization Department.  Please read more about our efforts below, check out our event flyer and, if available, please RSVP at:

Final MoblizeLA Campaign Flyer (1).jpg

Background on The Leap LA and the CEMD:
I’m reaching out on behalf of Leap L.A. - a climate justice coalition with the goal to transition the nation’s second-largest city off fossil fuels by 2025, to update you on our recent efforts with the Climate Emergency Mobilization Department (CEMD) CF 18-0054 introduced by City Council last year.

The CEMD would develop, coordinate, and track implementation of a comprehensive Climate Emergency Action Plan (CEAP) to rapidly reduce citywide greenhouse gas emissions, sequester historic and present emissions, and organize a broader mobilization of public resources and communities to transform all sectors at emergency speed and to restore a safe climate at all levels of government. We see this as an opportunity to model what a justice-based Green New Deal could look like on a municipal level, as parallel plans and proposals develop federally.

The City Council also approved a $500,000 appropriation to be used for a Climate Change Emergency Mobilization Program with the intention to use funds as seed money to analyze and start up the CEMD. We are asking City Council to support a targeted Community Assemblies process that would culminate in a city-wide Assembly, and for initial staffing of the CEMD.

We believe that the effective creation of this proposed city department could ensure that frontline and low income communities who have suffered for decades from systemic environmental racism could benefit first from a clean energy economy.  

What you can do:
Attend our Campaign Launch this upcoming Wednesday February 27 at 3pm to learn more about the CEMD at SCOPE located at 1715 W. Florence Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90047.

We are eager to start engaging you in the CEMD campaign moving forward. Please let me know if you all are interested and if you have any questions.  I can be reached at 323-646-7300. Look forward to connecting again with you soon!

In unity, 


Lizette Hernández, M.C.P.


Director of Health & Environment Programs

Physicians for Social Responsibility


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