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Urban Decay definition Nexus Project USC


This is THE game changer in South Los Angeles.  SEE EMAIL TO HUD TEAM below with several links.

I am sure your tracking how Opportunity Zone ($9 trillion) plays into this Collective Impact Model, 15 years in the making in LA.

Maybe John King HACLA and Tim Watkins WLCAC can explain this Role Out and their INCLUSION. 


Thanks for heads up on RFP Housing USC Nexus Project. CITY COUNCIL LA COMMITTEE ON HOUSING.

 Watching USC consume South Park area is so interesting. 

 The three forces are creating a NEXUS ,  Watts Rising$1B/ROSA PARKS STATION $1B/MLK HOSPITAL $1B (HACLA , largest Public Housing Office in USA)), USC , and Inglewood Rams (Most EXPENSIVE NFL STADIUM ever built A) NFL AmerICan 2.0.(attached) They form a perfect Triangle around SLATEZ (GEORGE LUCAS MUSEUM) The Empowerment zone boardering MTA Crenshaw line to the West and Alameda Cooredor (BLUE LINE) to the east . SANTA MONICA FWY NORTH AND 105 SOUTH (GREEN LINE)


This is from Study USC Village Nexus Project.

Comments were made regarding the economic impacts on small businesses due to 

the competition that could result from the introduction of the project’s new retail 

and commercial space. This expressed concern is valid. In fact, within the context of 

environmental analysis (CEQA), this concept is studied as “Urban Decay.” “Urban 

Decay” refers to the following: If new development retail businesses could likely 

attract sales away from existing businesses, it must be determined whether the 

severity of this change could cause disinvestment such that significant business 

closures, abandonment or other forms of physical deterioration or “decay” will 

result, thereby resulting in an adverse impact on the physical environment.

Below are links to Nexus Housing RFP going to Housing Committee.