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Akinsanya Pan African Art Museum 3d Initiative


From: Kenneth Wyrick <>
Date: Thu, Dec 31, 2020 at 9:54 AM


The Pan African Art Gallery & Studio was the name of the non-profit for years. Three years ago the name was changed and registered with the LA County as Pan African Art Museum by Akinsanya Kambon the artist of some 6K individual works of art. He and his wife own two buildings. One is where he is still creating and storing objects and the other is designated as the museum.

Akinsanya had an exhibit at the Crocker Museum in Sacramento.

I am a retired fine art conservator that has been one of a few people that have had access to document some of his artwork over the last several years. was a photo shoot I did when I first explored setting up to document his work starting with what Akinsanya regards as one of his most significant pieces and before the art in t he museum was moved into a container, outback to make repairs to the roof and further expose the high ceilings.  

I've also been recording segments on some of his pieces in an attempt to curate exhibits. While he's continuing to create ceramics I am documenting his processes and he has extensive experiences doing workshops. He gets requests for workshops and residencies which is another potential for creating virtual instructional learning experiences that would come to life in the museum.

So, I'm wanting to explore the various options for capturing his glazed ceramic pieces in situ because most of his ceramic pieces are heavy and fragile. One of my thoughts is to have an adjustable width column structure with multiple cameras positioned in a light diffused sock that can be slipped over the column

I also have introduced and asked 2 architects to work with their students to help design buildings and exhibit spaces for a virtual museum. So far they have not been responsive. The concept will be introduced to others.

There are limited edition prints from 1972-3 that are available. We need to create a marketing strategy linked to the Shop

As of his Crocker Museum exhibit he has asked me to help develop a virtual museum. 

Creating avatar characters of his artwork in a game environment as well as ar/vr iconography recognition hotlinks and triggers when viewing the artwork on exhibit. General exploration of ideas, concepts, technologies and immersive environments to create a museum according to the artists wishes is my objective.

October 29, 2020

CalTek.Net, Kenneth Wyrick -

Greetings!  In an effort to digitize Akinsanya's artwork with the expressed purpose of establishing a virtual museum that is referred to as the Pan African Art Museum.. Links to my unedited documentation that's online: Ordered From my first to my last.  audio needs to be redone

I invite your ideas, input and considerations for how to meet our objectives.
The following information is what I was able to find, so far. It seems to be a good time to conduct such a project. Akinsanya is motivated and the Covid 19 warrants the virtualization of physical spaces w/ Artwork.

I'm hoping to get Mr. Rendler and Ms. Oliva, who both have visited and toured the collection with Akinsanya to step up to participate in the planning and creation of virtual exhibit spaces that are not only innovative but contextually, cohesive modular with motifs for enhancing experiential discovery and exploration of individual and curated objects in the collection.
Please let me hear back from you.