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DRAFT Press Release


January 4th, 2021


Black Americans Invent a Vaccine for Racism 


A diversified collaborative of economic and health advocates, faith-based and  community organizations, will announce on the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Holiday,  January 18th, 2021, the launching of a nationwide inoculation campaign that will reduce the effects of the racism disease.  

The vaccine has been over 400 years in the making, since August 25th, 1619. It utilizes three “best practice” active ingredients that stimulate disenfranchised communities to own, operate, and control their economy. Where institutional or personal racism exists, the vaccine reverses disrespecting attitudes to behaviors of acceptance and support. 

It uses federal regulations that codify a process for receiving innovative proposals that could benefit the agency's mission responsibilities.  

Currently, the United States of America is experiencing a domestic and global outcry over systemic, institutional anti-Black racism. 

The collaborative has selected to inoculate the US Department of State as the first recipient of the vaccine using the unsolicited proposal process. 

President-Elect Biden is receiving a government preconditioned for effective executive action. During the Trump era, it did not receive it. Now, through the State Department through Executive Action using the Black Folks Plan for effective executive action, he can create immediately a vaccine for racism for 55M people in America and it will be a stimulus to the American economy, without congressional approval needed. The world watches what he will do.

A press conference will be held to give an overview of the “best practice”  ingredients and the benefits for the individuals, families, businesses, faith-based and community organizations that will be considered to be inoculated (involved).