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Hershel Daniels - Comprehensive Development Strategy

Hershel Daniels



to Kimberly, Stephanie, Paul, Melinda, bcc: me

I will bring a powerpoint based briefing and background material with me on Tuesday at 11AM.


For your information. 



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This means jobs for residents of Hamilton County from this work.



We are not waiting for the 30 day comment period, rather on June 19th we will have a Meeting for  Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) starting at 3PM.  


We will start a citizen-driven process based on my work on Plan Cincinnati to develop a Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) for Hamilton County that contributes to effective economic development in the county through a locally-based, regionally-driven economic development planning process starting in person on June 19th 2019 and now as a Facebook group.


Proposed Agenda that day.

10AM Meeting with Native Americans and discussion on Drug Problem Solutions based on our work in the UN's Indigenous Peoples Forum

11AM Framework for a Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy for the People of African Diaspora in the USA

12PM Creation of the African Diaspora Directorate to be the Secretariate of which is to be HQ in Cincinnati

1PM Announcement of the African Dollar 

2PM Countdown to the Closing the year of celebration of the 150 years of Africans as American Citizens (1868-2018) and the start of our promotion of the Commendation of the 400 years. This Hamilton County CEDS work can serve as a model for the people of the African Descent (PAD) in the USA (47M people according to the US Census). There are a little over 200,000 PAD in Hamilton County, 24.6% of the population.  We expect, with, allies to serve 60% of the counties 800k population through a coalition, the FAU smartWISE Sustainable Coalition of Hamilton County (see below and with name subject to change) that we will establish on June 19th 2019. 

Furthermore, we will take charge of activities that support the 400 Years of African-American History Commission (H.R.1242 — 115th Congress (2017-2018)) who will plan, develop, and carry out programs and activities throughout the United States to recognize and highlight 400 years of PAD contributions to the USA.  Also an announcement of the establishment of a global Chapter of the National Association of Black Veterans in July.

The Proposal - The ideal is that Commissioner and Commissioners take the position by proclamation on the end of the year of 150 years of citizenship for PAD and garner the press on that issuance and another on the by August 25th 2019 US Government Commemoration of 400 years of PAD in the USA (1619-2019, August 25th) 

It is FAU’s intention to have 400 FAU smartWISE Sustainable Coalitions based on working with established Juneteenth organizations as part of that commemoration of PAD in the USA. All operations HQ here. 

THE FAU smartWISE.png

3PM CEDS Education

4PM CEDS Transportation

5PM CEDS Community Benefit Agreements

6PM CEDS Housing

7PM Private-Public Partnerships

8PM Start of the UN Association Chapter of the USA of Greater Cincinnati 

Backgrounder: Regions must update their CEDS at least every five years to qualify for EDA assistance under its Public Works and Economic Adjustment Assistance programs. This is that year for Hamilton County.

It is the first time, ever, that African Americans have a seat at the decision-making table for Hamilton County CEDS. Let us set a standard for the nation.  

Financial institutions have a long history of failing to meet the needs of low-income communities and communities of color — whether through discriminatory practices that strip wealth from neighborhoods of color or systematic disinvestment that has left too many struggling communities without access to affordable banking. Over the past few years, however, community advocates, like Friends of the African Union, a National Community Reinvestment Coalition member, have been putting an established advocacy tool to new use to bring the voices and needs of underserved communities to the negotiating table with local banks. We do that through Bank based Community benefits agreements (CBAs). There are over $65B in Ohio based banks.


The latest bank based Corporate Social Responsibility 2018 Report