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in last 10 minutes


There's as well. Have you received any emails from there yet?

There's also a

I run into the problem of where to communicate since I use several different systems.

See which is a little outdated, now


3 domains from the above list:

There's a which has project management that includes OSM and .cvs data import / export

There's which has both community and class portal

There's which is an ERP, CRM plus


3 servers running docker with picounion - needs some work which needs to configured

The Menlo Zion box running an outdated version of proxmox in my basement.

Zion has, and containers


I have 2 Web Hosted Systems on Bluehost   running   feel free to click on join this is where we have the GISCorp project with John  running  feel free to click on join this is my high school alumni foundation


so this is the software / hardware application system infrastructure