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UCLA Extension Program; InUnison Virtual Community Action Planning (VCAP)

UCLA Extension Program; World Peace One Virtual Community Action Planning (VCAP)

Week One:

Since the objectives of Improving our community is based on numeric value it is necessary to know what are the values that we should be measuring in our community. The initial one hour lecture will cover what is consistently measured in a community to label it desirable and what is used to identify community as undesirable. How we use specific tools to measure these relationships will be explored in

week one. There will be Examples of basic GIS functions, Search, Buffer, and Sort. Exposure to the three or four Web Applications being used to define neighborhood will be demonstrated and discussion relating to their backend data structure will be explained. Terms like, Symbology, Topology, Network will be demonstrated during week one demonstration lecture.

Objective: Using internet to “Search for specific types of Neighborhood”. Example Census tract with high educational level, low income level.. Understanding the Drivers and Forces causing this relationship.

Assignment to show how GIS as a tool facilitates the values of a neighborhood. Why is having quantitative information valuable. Which information that is experiential is missing in this data mode

  • One Hour Discussion and Demonstration
  • Out Come
  • Three hour self directed research and presentation product.